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Cleromancy Games is here to entertain!

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Cleromancy Games is in the middle of some incredibly exciting projects. We’re a small team, but we have some incredible talent in both the digital and gaming field.

We have a lot of interesting things in the pipeline, from development of fresh and exciting games of our own design, to games consulting for external publishers. However many of these projects still aren’t ready to be showcased.

That doesn’t mean we’re going to keep you completely in the dark though! As we develop our own games and get things to a polished state, we want to give our audiences an opportunity to grow with us and a chance to get to know us a little.

Cleromancy Games is not only made up of game designers and game developers. We’re also game players. From board games to card games.Tabletop RPG’s to tabletop miniatures. Our expertise in games covers a lot of ground. We want to share this knowledge with the broader community. That’s why starting next month, Cleromancy will be publishing weekly articles on our website.

Penned by various members of our staff (and the occasional guest writer), our articles will range from; in-depth opinion pieces on the state of gaming, exhilarating tales of gameplay from our favorite games, interviews with developers, breakdowns of game mechanics, and much more. We’ll be lending out expertise to everyone from tournament organizers to aspiring game designers to min-maxers, so whatever labels you identify with, so long as one of them is “gamer” we’ll have something for you!

Later this week, you’ll read about the origin of Cleromancy Games and what it means not only literally but to the philosophy of our company.

But in the meantime we are thrilled to be able to kick down the door to the gaming world, create some exciting things and hopefully have you on board with us when we do!

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