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Who are the Cleromancers?

Cleromancy Games is a game publishing and design house with a focus on strategic, immersive, and community-driven tabletop gaming. Our guiding principle of thoughtfulness helps us to deliver you games that offer to bring new experiences and new friendships into your life in the pursuit of joy and self-actualization.


Dennis Perlstein

President // Master Cleromancer

Dennis has spent almost a decade in the games industry. Cleromancy games was born from that side hustle of passion and connections when Dennis realized that he was blessed with talented game designer friends and the know-how to deliver their designs to satisfied customers.

Dennis loves games of every genre, but has a special soft spot for those with complex strategy and immersion.

Brodie Kelley

Technical Director // Keeper of the Codex

Brodie became interested in gaming at a young age while playing around the table with his family. Ever since, he has been making his own games, right down to home-made holographic cards drawn on tin foil. It's that attention to detail that makes Brodie the ultimate craftsman and an amazing rules manager. Now, he is constantly supported by his wife and kids in his equally crafty ideas.


Brodie loves games of every genre, but has a special soft spot for ones that require hundreds of card sleeves.


Ryan Havdala

Marketing Director // Curator of Curiosity

Ryan's passion for gaming has brought him many of his best memories, friends, and experiences, and he always strives to create that for others. He loves to entertain and make (questionably funny) jokes, usually puns.

Ryan loves games of every genre but has a special soft spot for social components to them like bluffing (even though he sometimes struggles with the lying part).


Kalani Robinson

Creative Director // Conduit of the Muse

Consummate creative and a true Renaissance man, Kalani has been with Cleromancy games since its inception. Moving from Australia to New York in his teenage years, Kalani has extensive experience in diverse fields, from education consultancy, to film direction, to poker stud. As an avid fan of gaming, he has finally turned his creative efforts to the world of game design, much to our delight!

Kalani loves games of every genre but has a special soft spot for anything with a deck of cards. He's old school like that.

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